In response to calls informing us that persons were killed in different incidents we were invited to do Victim Support and be trained by Servol...

This training was specifically to be first respondents after a murder. Arlene Caines & Sis Emelda Goddard did many of the visits voluntarily in this year. After this there was a murder in St. Barb's which was witnessed by quite a few children who were relatives of the deceased.

lt was heart breaking to be limited in reaching out to children afflicted by violence, so the first Trauma Support session began at the home church of Pastor Joseph Caines. The children were shuttled from St Barb's to 1st Caledonia by Arlene Caines and Mrs. Marcia Boxill. Mrs. Boxill is a licensed Psychologist and member of the Psychologist Association of Trinidad and Tobago. She met children who were affected by the deaths of relatives for the first Trauma support training group for children and young people.

Mrs. Boxill was later chosen to do a scholarship in training in this specific area and return to Trinidad to train volunteers in the community to do the same. Our first school where the group would be launched was the Morvant / Laventille Secondary school. The week we planned to be there one of the students of the school was killed in the area where he lived. His classmates and other friends were the recipients of this timely intervention.

Training of volunteers has been conducted from 2009 to 2012. We have groups at present in Chinapoo Government School, Lower Morvant Primary, St. Barb's Government School and Our Lady of Laventille. Other schools benefitting from this program were Success RC and Barataria North Secondary School.

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