The Organization Operation Salvation



What is Operation Salvation? 

Operation Salvation is a network of full gospel churches located mostly in the Laventille Morvant areas with a commitment to the holistic development of their local communities. It has been registered as a Non Governmental Organization and has been in existence for six years. 

Who are the Directors of Operation Salvation? 

  • Pastors Joseph & Arlene Caines
  • Rev. Dr. Benjamin Agard: Senior Pastor of Church on the Rock, Lady Young Road, Morvant

The Vision 

Operation Salvation is committed to the transformation of communities through the application of the gospel principles of Jesus Christ. (Luke 4:18- 20 and 11 Cor. 5:17) Beginning in Laventille we proclaimed Isaiah 60: 15 -18 to the communities over the airwaves on 98.1 fm for a total of 10 years. 

The Mission 

To mobilize and network individuals, churches, schools, protective services and ministries that would use their resources towards spiritual, social, psychological and educational change of our local communities.


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